Why us?


  • We believe in "there isn’t I can’t". If you have a problem we’ll certainly find or develop a solution.
  • We always start from the premise that first we solve the problem you facing and only then we discuss our possible benefits.
  • We alwasy work in a partnership with our clients on the principle of win-win by facing their needs/demands and that's why we wish to impose ourselves as a reliable partner for them, meaning that we take over every task concerning their equipments thus implementing only one service provider occupying with everything that means configuring equipments for good functionality in eterogenous spaces, warranty services and extrawarranty, the relationship with the equipment provider, consumables, starting from the most common office equipment to the servers, tasks about projecting or relocating equipments/networks, replacing worn out equipment and/or moral, wipe out sensitive environments and/or data recovery, takeover equipment out of use when replacing them.
  • To manage to impose ourselves as a service partner we are ready and assume the fact that it might be necesarry, for many times, to go over considerable distances without having this fact affecting in any way our services quality or the SLA convened to in the contract, thus managing to be close to the client and his specific needs that he has at a certain time.
  • We have the necessary logistics and personalized/specialized stocks for almost any client in a way so that we can fit in an 2 hours SLA for observation and 4 hours for reinstatement the critical equipments.
  • We are available at any time in a 24/7 system for reporting the incidents also for solving them within the SLA level convened to with each client apart.